Earthing and Grounding


All earthing systems are compliant to BSEN 62305 & BE 73430.

Lightning Protection Services has designed and installed a diverse range of earthing projects such as;

  • Substations
  • Generators
  • Static Earth Systems
  • Wind Turbines
  • Communication Mats


Our Earthing & Grounding Services

Restricted space, local soil resistivity levels, rock and very low clean earths are all problems that the correct design and material choice can overcome.


earthing enhancing products

Earthing Enhancing

At LPS there are several approved earthing enhancing products at our disposal to assist in lowering earth resistance in individual position.

  • Bentonite
  • Marconite
  • Gem
Earthing Mats

Earth Mats or Farms

Sub station, generator, HV supplies, LV circuits and Computer Suits can all require an isolated or clean earth of low independence. There are often several different forms to suit conditions, consisting of rods, tape, individual earth mats, earth plates or a combination of these.




All LPS engineers have undergone thermowelding or exothermic welding training.

This method of welding copper to copper, or copper to steel is ideal for underground jointing.


Soil Resistivity Test

Soil Resistivity Test

An earthing system can be accurately designed when a Soil Resistivity Survey is carried out pre-design. This enables a more accurate estimate of materials required to achieve the specified requirements.


Conductive earthing floors

Conductive Floors

Conductive and antistatic floors are required in many sensitive areas including labs and explosive environments.

Once laid they, like any other earthing system require tested and inspected on a 6 monthly or annual basis. LPS have trained, competent engineers to meet your requirements.


Anti Static Regimes

Anti Static Regimes

Along with antistatic and conductive floors, our engineers install and service antistatic equipotential bonding strips with floor leads. These eliminate the risk of spark in explosive environments, such as explosive processing, explosive movement, gas or chemical plants, refuelling points or helicopter pads.


Windfarm earthing and grounding


Wind farms have become an ever more popular sight throughout the UK and pose a significant attraction to lightning strike.

LPS have supplied and installed the earthing system to protect a single turbine to a full wind farm and their control buildings.


PAT Testing professionals

PAT Testing

At LPS we have our own in house, fully trained and qualified PAT testing engineer and this service is available to all.

For more information, please visit or contact: Stephen Muir, phone: (0)1461 800 323/077954 80890 or email.


PAT Testing from Lightning Protection Services
PAT Testing from Lightning Protection Services


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