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Why Lightning Protection?

Lightning strikes the ground throughout the world 100 times every second. It is known as one of nature's most destructive elements... A single bolt can carry up to one billion volts of energy and can reach temperatures of 28,000'c. As a result of changing weather patterns, lightning strikes in the UK are increasing year on year.

A lightning protection system is designed to give the energy from a lightning flash a safe path to earth


Why Lightning Protection Services?

Your safety and the efficiency of your business depends on the safety measures you undertake. Whether it is a domestic, commercial or historic building we can help to protect your building. We can complete a lightning risk assessment, advice, design, install, test and certify to the British standard; BSEN 62305/ International standard; IEC 62305 or ESE standard NFC-17-102.

Do not let a lightning strike affect you.

Contact us to find out if we can assist you with any aspect of lightning protection. From completing a risk assessment, design, installation or maintenance of a lightning protection system. Providing you with peace of mind, a safer environment and better protection during the next thunder storm

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