Lightning Protection - Maintenance & Testing

Maintenance & Repair

For a lightning protection system to function as designed in the event of a lightning strike, it is essential that the lightning conductor system is maintained and kept in good order.  

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Lightning Protection Services can be called to carry out one off repairs, eg. Storm damage, vandalism or full upgrades to BS EN 62305. 


Lightning protection and lightning conductor maintenance

Test & Inspection

Section 5 of the Electricity at Work Act 1989 states; “that all lightning protection systems are maintained and tested at regular intervals, preferably not exceeding 12 months”

It is important that all lightning protection systems should be tested by a specialist at least every 12 months but we always recommend testing is carried out every 11 months.  This gradually builds up a full picture of the earthing system and allows for seasonal variation.

Lightning protection testing and lightning conductor testers

Existing BS 6651 can still be tested and certified to this standard.  Post 2008 systems are tested and certified to BS EN 62305.  ESE systems are tested and certified to NFC-17-102.  An engineers inspection report will accompany the system certificate with details of any repairs/recommendations required.

All Lightning Protection Services' inspections are carried out by a fully qualified, experienced, directly employed, CITB and CSCS registered lightning conductor engineer. 

All Lightning Protection Services test instruments are calibrated and certified.  

Material Suppliers

At Lightning Protection Services we only use the highest quality materials supplied by Wallis, Dehn and Furse. 

Furse, Wallis & Dehn

All connection components used in the installations of Lightning Protection Services have passed BS EN 62305-1.  All conductors comply to BS EN 62305.  Lightning Protection Services can also supply lightning protection and lightning conductor materials direct to customers.


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