Lightning Protection - Advice

LPS has a management team with a good mix of experience and fresh up to date technology; designing, installing and maintaining lightning conductor systems. 

We pride ourselves on providing as non-intrusive but efficient systems as reasonably practical. Recommending and designing the best type of Lightning Protection system to suit the building whilst complying with the current standard.

Lightning Protection Services can test and certify safety lines and roof anchors to the relevant standards, including pull testing, certification and retagging. We can also supply and install both temporary and permanant safety lines and anchors.

Lightning Risk Assessment

Since the introduction of the UK standard BSEN 62305 in 2008, lightning risk assessments have become an essential tool for our designer engineers. From information supplied by the client we can quickly assess a building/project, firstly, to show if a building requires a lightning protection system and if so the level of protection required. This enables the design to the correct class which would be class I, II, III or IV and relays the compliance to BSEN 62305.


Essential to the design of a good lightning protection system is to carry out an on-site survey. This can aid in the design of the system, identifying the least intrusive route of the down conductors, methods of access required and most favourable areas for the earth termination network. This is particularly relevant when dealing with historic or listed buildings.


A Guide For Churches

Follow this link for a guide for lightning protection on churches as outlined by Historic England Visit The Guide For Churches


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